Monday, October 4, 2010

October Dinner Menu

In an effort to be more organized and, therefore more relaxed, I am going to start making a monthly meal plan. October is a great month to start adding a few Fall recipes and comfort food so I am going to throw in a few of our family favorites. We have soccer practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays so those days are going to be baked potato and panini days BUT I am going to mix up the topping and stuffings a bit. Wednesdays are noted with a "WNL" because we go to church on Wednesday nights and they bless us with a home style family dinner! So, this is what I have planned - if you want any of the recipes leave me a comment and I will be sure to post it for you!

October Dinner Menu

4 - CSA Chili
5 - Baked Potato - traditional
6 - WNL
7 - Panini - green apple and sharp cheddar
8 - Coq au Vin
9 - Crock pot French Dip with Tater tots and baked apples
10 - My Dad's 60th Birthday Dinner - fajitas!
11 - Baked chicken, summer squash and garlic bread
12 - Baked Potato - broccoli and cheese
13 - WNL
14 - panini - brie and peppers
15 - PW Sloppy Joes - these are divine!
16 - Cider braised pork loin
17 - Taco Soup
18 - Greek Pitas
19 - Baked potato - pizza style
20 - WNL
21 - Panini - bacon and avocado with Jack cheese
22 - Build Your Own Burrito or BYOB
23 - "Meat casserole" by Bobbly Flay (ok, it is meatloaf - don't tell my family)
24 - Apple Chicken Chili by Rachael Ray
25 - Stir Fry
26 - Baked potato - salsa and jack cheese
27 - WNL
28 - Panini - mozzerella and sundried tomatoes
29 - Stuffed pasta shells
30 - French dip, tater tots and baked apples
31 - Harvest Stew and CANDY!


  1. You are SO organized!!! Most I can do is two weeks - I can't get past that block.

    How do you prepare your squash so the kids will eat it???

  2. What a delicious month!! I'm going to check out RR's chicken apple chili--sounds really good!

  3. LOVE that meat casserole :) and what recipe do you use for Taco Soup?

  4. awesome!!!!
    how do you do this?
    i want to home school... and if we have another baby (and no autisum) i will be home schooling.
    I have 3 children..... 2 at home both special needs and I could home school miss 10 but not miss 11... so not fair for one......

    i cna't imagine being able to plan a months meals in advance.... i planed the weekend but all that changed too.... lol one of those things..
    congrats and looking forward to following your progress....