Monday, August 30, 2010

1st Charter Day

We are homeschooling through a home based charter school. They offer a weekly workshop for the kids and today was the 1st day of classes. The kids were very excited! My darling daughter picked out an entire new outfit all the way down to the hair style and type of rubber band she wanted in her hair. The boys wore clean clothes and begrudgingly brushed their teeth and hair (it's a Mars/Venus thing). I had every intention of taking a picture of them by the school's welcome sign but alas, we were about 10 minutes late due to parking issues and I forgot the camera anyway. Thankfully I did bring my cell phone so I was able to take a pic of my crew before hurling them in to new classes at a new school with children they have never met. Yeah, I know...Mother Of The Year...

They had a good day. My sweet little girl made a friend. She can't remember the girls name but they own the same skirt  and she also wore her hair in a side ponytail - friends for life! My Babbalou had fun in his math class and then we worked together one on one doing his "dyslexia" exercises - that is tough work but he is doing better every day. T-man loved his math class and he thinks he will get used to his writing class, even if they have to write poetry. After the classes were over we all sat down to have a nice picnic lunch. When we got home the kids all crashed on the couch - 3 whole hours of learning outside of the home is just exhausting!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is my very first post on my pretty new blog! I am super excited!

I have been wanting to recreate my blog and organize my thoughts for a long time and thanks to my very dear friend, Jen, I am finally able to make it all happen! 

This summer was a great summer for my family. We were able to take a lot of time to think about our priorities and our goals in life, about who we want to be and what we want to do. After a lot of talking, thinking, and praying I think we have figured out a thing or two about how we want to live our lives. This blog is a place to share those thoughts, document our progress and to hopefully laugh a little along the way!

So, who am I?

In a nutshell...
A stumbling but always faithful follower of Christ
A loving wife to my Lovin' Man
A stay at home mom that never seems to stay at home
A mom to a preteen son that has a heart of gold
A mom to an intelligent dyslexic son that loves to learn
A mom to a sweet little girl that loves dolls, ponies and rainbows
A mom to fraternal twin girls that go together like milk and cookies
A person who has chosen to school my kids at home... homeschoolers!
A wannabe chef
A sustainable shopper that loves locally grown, pesticide free produce
A blossoming gardener
A person that owns a sewing machine and is going to use it - soon.
A lover of all music but classic rock is my home sweet home
A crafty crafter, but not a scrapbooker
A friend... a sister... a daughter... and an auntie!